Student Comments

Here are some of the comments our students have shared with us.

I have been browsing the website of The Angel Academy since I was in high school…, the work was so amazing that I wasn’t sure it was actually student work.  In 2015 I decided to attend a summer workshop at the Angel Academy and in just two weeks I had gained infinitely more artistic skill than I had in my 5 years of art education.  I returned the following year for another workshop. After speaking to regular students of the academy I found that the teaching methods and curriculum were exactly what I had always wantd.  I would like nothing more than to start from scratch, go back to the basics and apply myself rigorously to improving my skills and understanding of art – especially drawing, light and shadow and human anatomy.


I kept searching for an education that answers my wish of learning classical oil painting and being able to lead me on a path, where I am able to make this art for a living. Comparing several universities and academies online, I found the Angel Academy of Art as the most outstanding and inspiring house.  I came to visit a few years ago, and was convinced that this is the place I wish to be.  I kept dreaming of it ever since.


It has a non-discriminatory policy; it is in Florence with immediate access to Renaissance painting/sculpture/architecture; to take instruction from a Classic Realism ‘Living Master’ whose interest is mythology; to make full use of the Academy’s precise, daily rigour; to re-focus my practice such that close observation, consideration of ‘nature’ and the fundamental principles of composition, design, colour and light become integral to my work; to contribute to and to participate in an exciting period of art history; to learn how to paint commissioned portraits and how to effectively incorporate story and narrative into a composition. 


Your students ability to achieve the same results in their finished work is striking with the variation in skill reflected in student work from other Atelier programs; it speaks volumes to how well you teach.  I believe that the education provided by the Angel Academy is the very best and will help me reach my full potential.


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