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ARC Finalists

Congratulations to our current and former students for being selected as finalists for the 15th International ARC Salon. Shown below are some of the wonderful artworks that were chosen for this round. We are overjoyed at your success and wish you the best of luck for the final round on January 13th, 2021! 

Nik Anikis (Slovenia)
◦ Curse of the Triton Imaginative Realism
◦ Mister Maco Faco Animals
• Cameron Copley-Heissig (Germany)
◦ Appich Teens Category
◦ Lockdown Teens Category
◦ Nina Teens Category
◦ Self-portrait Teens Category
◦ Uomo Con Gorgiera Teens Category
• Diego Glazer (Mexico)
◦ Apollo: Bringer of Wisdom Imaginative Realism
• Rusudana Glonti (United Kingdom)
◦ Braeburn Tartan Fully From Life
• Nancy Hines (United States)
◦ All These Years Figurative
• Jose Lopez Vergara (United States)
◦ The Plague Figurative
• Kaylie Marceca (Italy)
◦ Sam Portraiture
• Ronan McEvoy (Ireland)
◦ The Deal Still Life
• Andrea Mosley (United States)
◦ Stan Lee the Legend Portraiture
• Daniela Núñez Romero (Chile)
◦ Confident Woman Portraiture
• Sylvia Rack (Canada)
◦ Midnight in Paris Still Life Fully From Life
• Vicki Sullivan (Australia)
◦ A Child’s Wisdom Portraiture
◦ A Tranquil Moment Figurative
◦ Moon Goddess Imaginative Realism
• Josefina Torres (United States)
◦ Insight Thoughts Fs Still Life
• Shane Wolf (France)
◦ Equinox Fully From Life